Street Hero Kung Fu Fighter 2018

Become a kung fu fighter and take down other fighters and combat heroes of the street and become a street hero kung fu fighter 2018. Dare to survive from kung fu fighter in extreme fighting game which has street revenge missions. Start this fighting game 2018 and show your fighting skills as super hero kung fu fighter because your enemies use different fighting styles so do your best to overcome all of them with the power of them in style. Use your street hero combat skills and be a strongest fighter in best fighting games. The fighting between street super hero vs boxing fighters becomes largest fighting and revenge competition. You are a best fighter and a hero of your group, but your fighting clan has other ideas. You need to fight for your life and take revenge for other kung fu fighters but one wrong move can destroy you. This is not just a simple beat and wins game, become the strongest fighter around the town, use different strike moves and make your own combos.

It’s do or die situation in street against other combat boxing heroes so dare to stay alive as a best fighter in Street Hero Kung Fu Fighter 2018. Street hero extreme fighter of kung fu, karate and martial art has real best fighting game techniques with modern techniques, in which you can apply these techniques against the best fighters to knock them out. Join the multiple street fights missions and become a master of kung fu and show other street heroes that you are a big thing in the world of street fighting. Prove your worth as the powerful master with kung fu street fighting skills. Join this fight action club and become the brutal kungfu fighter of the street. Punch, kick and boxing skills against all enemies and kick them out all other kung fu fighters. You can knock out your competitor enemy with controls like jump, kick and punch and to save yourself defense power is also on screen to help save yourself!  Defeat your enemy fighter in the given time otherwise this best fighting game will be over and make sure to finish the competitor’s health bar before they finish yours. Keep fighting and don’t lose should be your challenge in this adventure street kungfu fighting action game and kung fu street combat simulation. You have to be a real super hero and win in this kung fu fight championship matches around the streets.

Street Hero Kung Fu Fighter 2018 Features/GamePlay

• Upgrade-able & customization of characters.
• Learn you to perfect martial arts and kungFu karate.
• Enemy count increases with level difficulty.
• Time limit bar & exciting environment.
• Fighting sounds & amazing background music.
• Punch & Kicks Sudden Attack to Defeat Your Opponent Fighter.
• Fight against Strongest Criminal Fighters and Become World Street Karate Champion
• Play Mode & Knockout gameplay of Kung Fu karate challenges.


Street Hero Kung Fu Fighter 40 MB
Feb 14, 2018

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